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"Trinity Center For Business (TCB) has been instrumental in supporting the growth of Vision Coaching! The professional office environment (office space, board room and meeting rooms), access to all the office infrastructure (copier, internet, phone system, etc.), and level of service (reception, etc.) provided from TCB is remarkable. We have had numerous comments from our clients about how much they enjoy interacting with the TCB team. The result of this level of support means that we can put all our focus and attention on what is important to us - building our business!"

                                              - David Veale, Vision Coaching


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"Trinity Center for Business provides us with a professional work environment. It has a board room and a meeting room that allows us to have staff meetings and meet with our clients. Staff and management can always be counted on and are very pleasant and enjoyable to work with. Our clients like the location and are impressed when they enter the Trinity Center."

                                             - Ivy Wang, Atlantic Canada Business Network


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The Trinity Center for Business is a great opportunity for young start up business ventures to present themselves in a very professional setting with access to meeting rooms, receptionist, office equipment, etc that most can not afford. What makes this Business Center very special is the atmosphere of cooperation and information sharing that exists there. Tons of time and research can be saved by asking questions of the other members of the Center who have so many good business connections. I would highly recommend you visit Trinity Centre for Business for a tour and see for yourself there is none better in Saint John."

                                               - Brice Belyea, CANLink Aviation


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             "Working from home is something I really enjoy, but there are times that I need to meet a client uptown or sometimes I just need a place to sit and work in between my appointments. It is so convenient to have access to this space and environment uptown. Being able to pop into the Trinity Center and use their facilities allows me to manage my time effectively. A huge benefit of being a client at the Trinity Center is having my business line answered by a professional receptionist; it has given me so much peace of mind! I can’t imagine not having this support!"

                                               - Marilyn Singh, Profiles Global


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Trinity Center for Business provides me with a professional environment to meet clients, coupled with a convenient location within the center of the city. The use of the Virtual Office Service has enhanced my availability to clients. My clients comment on the pleasant surroundings of the private meeting rooms. 

                                               - Mark Barry, Mark Barry & Associates

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